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As a brand we aim to keep the production, logistics and everything achievable as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible. This is and will always be an ongoing process, that we are eager to be learning and finding new solutions and possibilities to make our part in the future.

From choosing fabrics to packaging materials we try to find as ecological and high-quality materials as we can. For this collection we went through many material options to find the perfect one.

Our products are designed in Finland, and manufactured in verified factories in China. For the transportation from the factory to us, we use the train. To compare train and for example air-route, the trains CO2 emissions are roughly 6 times smaller than the air-route.


 Eco Leather Swatches


Our products are made from a special Eco Leather, that comes from the leftover materials and pieces from the production process of traditional leather products. This waste is usually just sent directly to the waste disposal sites. 
Our Eco Leather contains 50-70% of traditional real leather, the rest is recycled post-consumer polyester and the surface is coated with a non-soluble water-borne PU (Polyurethane), the leathers are manipulated with special methods to make it light, tough, durable and also weather proof. All this while still maintaining the traditional feel and the texture.
Huge difference is also that The Eco Leather reduces water consumption by 90% and carbon emissions by 80% compared to traditional leather production process, while also being 40% lighter.
By using our special Eco Leather, we (and you) can stay ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly.





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