Crossbody Bags

Your ideal phone bag is now in crossbody bag style!
Fit everyday life, easy and comfortable.
Functionality meets design.

Phones are unnecessary to us if you are living in 21st century.
It can be your telephone, camera, letter, and even lifesaver.
You just can't let go of it, put it around you.

Then what about carrying your phone in a bag? 
Not with the handbags or backpacks, because you cannot reach the phone easily.
The crossbody style is the best for carrying your phone.

You do not need any other small bags, you finally found the best sizing mini crossbody bag for you and your phone.


When you hear about sustainability or ethical behavior, what comes to your mind?
Veganism, plastic-less choice, recycling, upcycle, reusing clothes… Everything you imagined is the effective and important way to protect our planet and friends on it.

Golla’s phone bag is made from ECO - leather, which is made from the leftover pieces of leather materials that are produced in the process of production.
Believe it or not, this ECO - leather saves 90% of water consumption and 80% carbon emission compared to the conventional leather production processes.

Got Amazed?

What's more, Golla never gets satisfied by only changing the production process.
We care about the transportation of our bags.

All the phone bags a.k.a. GOLLA’s children are manufactured at the factory in China.
To deliver these phone bags to Finland in the Scandinavian area, we use the train as a main transportation.

Not kidding, we are serious.
We use the train.

As you already know, the trains are the most eco-friendly transportation tool.
To compare train and air route, air route CO2 emission is about 6 times bigger than the train.
Because we are not willing to be enemies of the earth, we are caring about the environmental impacts.

We believe that our phone bags make you feel you are doing right.
As one of the living beings on the earth, it’s our nature to care about our neighbors.

Phone Bags

Phone bags. You can get the idea from the words, yes, it is about carrying your mobile phone in a bag.
Have you ever experienced that the phone is too heavy for your light jacket?
Your dress or skirt don’t have the pockets for the smartphone?
Your jeans’ do not have enough pockets?
Have you ever experienced that your bag is too small for your smartphone?
Or the bag was too big for just a smartphone?

Bingo! Golla’s phone bag is for people who experienced those things.
Congrats on you, you will never feel the same. Golla promise.

Golla’s phone bag is shaped in Crossbody bags, mini bags and pouches.
You can call those phone bags as wallet bags.
Here is your hero, it will save your phone.

We have been creating phone bags or phone pouches for many years.
You may know our backpack Orion, or you are a big fan of us knowing the CD-Duck?
We are proud of ourselves that we keep putting our efforts to give people all around the world the better phone lives.

Our main value for the design is not the only one.
You may feel the energy and power from our bags.
And why is that? This is what we are aiming for. Our design value is being irrational and crazy, being like that actually needs some powers.
Our design will make you feel Golla energy and cheerful power for your daily lives.

Golla’s phone bag is not only focusing on the visual.
Our priorities are both design and functionality.
Every phone bag of Golla has a card-pocket inside the bag.
Usually a phone bag has an external card-pocket, but it’s simply risky.
Phone bag has the responsibility to protect the contents inside. Tough, durable, and designful.
This is Golla's phone bag.

Our phone bag has another identity.
It’s weather proof.
We all have experience avoiding wearing or having leather items on a rainy day.
The bag is the one which gets wet the first moment when you step out from the entrance.
Hence, we made our phone bag weather proof with ECO-leather.
You will immediately notice Golla’s phone bag is the one when you touch the material.

Take a walk with your dog on a rainy day? Go ahead, Golla’s phone bag always protects your phone.

And this is not the end, there is moreover about our special phone bag.
You will imagine it’s heavy when you hear about the leather phone bag.
Yes, the leather phone bag is heavy, besides the Golla phone bag.

Golla’s phone bag is light even though the materials are eco-leather.
For your information, here is the weight list of our phone bags.

-Max 300g
-Semi 290g
-Mini 105g
-Slim 145g
-Square 165g
-Wristlet 125g
-Play 45g

This eco leather contains 50-70% of real leather, and the surface is coated with PU.
You can feel the REAL LEATHER while you are cooperating with being eco-friendly.
Also we manipulated the leathers with our special methods, and this is why Golla’s phone bag is light, tough, durable, and weather proof.
Of course, the straps of the phone bag are made from the same material, eco leather.

Thanks to this latest and fresh idea about eco leather, we can stay ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly, and weather proof.

Golla’s phone bag will take you to the new experience with the leather phone bag.

Our Story

We would like to share our profile here.
Okay, first of all we were born in 1995, Kolla village in Finland.
It’s the middle of the 90's, yay!

You may wonder where the Kolla village is.
It’s near the gulf of Bothnia, a beautiful and old village.
Actually our brand name Golla was named after Kolla village, because sometimes K sounds like G. Interesting Finn-formation.

Born in Finland is one of our identities, but that’s not all.
We are the design company, we are producing the Phone Bags. (Of course we had the other types of the bags, but that’s another story…..;) )

Our goal is to provide the designful accessories for electronic appliances like phones, laptops, tablets and so on.
High functionality performanced accessories are always in simple and dark colors.
But come on, it is 2021, we can be more colorful!
That’s what we have been doing since we were born.

We produced many things that will impress you, and we assume that you may want them even nowadays.
This represents that our products never get old, always fresh and energetic. That’s what we are.

Crossbody Bags


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